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If somebody is building or modernising today, he needs to plan his future space requirements. Flexibility is essential in professional areas like offices, administration, banks and data prosessing centres, schools, universities, institutes and hospitals. The feco® - partitition wall system provides flexibility for the future.
Only in the patented clips system of feco® the wall panels are invisibly clipped at the partition uprights with clips rails throughout their whole length. The advantages in comparison to a simlpe point fixture are as follows:
Better stability
Inserted full lenght clipsrail form a strong connection with the uprights, resulting therefore in a very stable construction. Proven by tests according to DIN 4103.
More exact joints
At the same time the partition wall panels are fixed in respect of lateral displacement. This ensures modular accuracy and especially an exact joint. Spacers are not nesessary.
Higher acoustic insulation
The constant accuracy of the connection between partition wall panels and substructure result in the best acoustic insulation ( standard already Rw.p=46 dB).